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Information for Schools

Welcome to our quick reference page for school communities.

Information for Schools

ACCESS ministries has been serving the Victorian Community for over 40 years. Providing chaplains, Special Religious Instruction (SRI) programs and resources, ACCESS ministries welcomes the opportunity for your school to learn more about our role and values.

Fact sheets

ACCESS ministries welcomes the current debate about the way Special Religious Instruction and Chaplaincy is conducted in government schools, while emphasising the importance of a constructive, well-informed debate based on facts. With these principles in mind we provide the following facts about SRI. ACCESS ministries will continue to review and update this information periodically.

Special Religious Instruction fact sheet
Chaplaincy fact sheet

More Information

'What we found when the SRI program started in our school was more than we had expected.The impact was not only the support the CRE teachers gave us but the role model they provided.' Helen Storr, Principal

'There is a push from the government for us to teach values; these are reinforced through the SRI program.' Cheryl Hallett, Principal

'SRI teaches children to think about what they do and the choices they make through their own life experience.' Ken McCarthy, School Council President

'Our school looked into the SRI syllabus and was impressed by the fact that it is not about indoctrination, but education about the Christian faith. If we want our children to have an understanding of what under girds the values of our Australian culture, then this is a great place to start.' Richard Condie, School Council Vice-President