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Accreditation Requirements for SRI Instructors

Accreditation Requirements for SRI Instructors

So you want to be an SRI Instructor?


Here is some information to help you know what is required:

1. A love and commitment to children's wellbeing
2. A commitment to work within the parameters set by DET and ACCESS ministries for working in schools
3. Complete a volunteer SRI Instructor application form
4. Have your application endorsed by the minister of your church
5. Attend a two day Accreditation Training program
6. Complete an assessment and be committed to ongoing training
7. Have a current Working With Children card
8. A commitment to seeking financial support for this work.

As part of our accreditation process ACCESS ministries is required to seek the Victorian Minister for Education's approval for each suitable applicant.

We are committed to recruiting and equipping Volunteer SRI Instructors with excellence, so that we enrich children's lives, add value to school communities and fulfil our compliance obligations.

If you want to make a difference in children's lives through SRI, find about more by emailing us at


Working With Children Card