Info for Schools

Info for Schools

Have you been approached to offer Christian Special Religious Instruction (SRI) this year?

What a great opportunity to:

** support students who want to learn about the Christian faith

** show support for the spiritual wellbeing of your students

** help students understand something of the faith that has had the greatest impact on who we are as Australians.

ACCESS ministries has developed SRI Instructional materials that offer a safe forum for students to learn about the Christian faith, values and spirituality in a tolerant and respectful manner.

Christianity is all about relationships. The Christian SRI program through its instruction about the beliefs, values and stories of the Christian faith encourages students to value themselves, others and the world around them because of God's loving relationship with humanity.

SRI introduces students to ethics from a Christian perspective.

We believe that SRI is good for kids. Offer a program and see for yourself.

For more information on how Christian SRI can benefit your school please email or call 1800 063 341.