Info for Schools

Info for Schools

Have you been approached to offer Christian Special Religious Instruction (SRI) in 2018?

What a great opportunity to:

** support students in the development of their sense of hope, belonging, meaning and purpose

** develop students' spiritual wellbeing (as a critical part of their overall wellbeing)

** develop students' understanding of their identity as Australians; Christianity being the most significant religious contributor to Australian life and culture

** demonstrate support for multiculturalism- many of your international students will identify as Christian.

See the SRI Parent Postcard here.

ACCESS ministries has developed SRI Program materials that offer a safe forum for students to learn about the Christian faith, values and spirituality in a tolerant and respectful manner.

SRI introduces students to ethics from a Christian perspective.

We believe that SRI supports students overall wellbeing. Offer a program and see for yourself.

For more information on how Christian SRI can benefit your school please email or call 1800 063 341.