Information for Queensland parents regarding CRI

Information for Queensland parents regarding CRI

Congratulations for considering Christian religious instruction (CRI) for your child this year; for recognising the value it brings to your child's overall development:

their psycho-social development

their spiritual development

their development of a sense of meaning, purpose and hope

their resilience*

their understanding of the faith tradition that forms the foundation of this country and its values.

CRI offers your child the opportunity to explore their spirituality through the perspective, language and values of the Christian faith.

* (research confirms that having spiritual beliefs and meeting regularly around a faith position assists resilience)

In CRI your child will learn about the beliefs and values of the Christian faith, through the stories and teaching of the Bible, the sacred text for Christians. They will learn these from the perspective of a person with experiential knowledge of the faith.

The overview of each of the series is given below:

Trek Part 1 overview (for students 6-8 years old)

Search Part 1 overview (for students 8-10 years old)

Quest Part 1 overview or epiQ overview (for students 10-12 years old)