Information for Parents

Information for Parents


Have you been given a consent form for SRI and want to know more?

Christianity is all about relationships.

In SRI your child will learn about the Christian faith and how all relationships may be positively impacted by this faith: their relationship with themselves, with others, with the world and with God.

SRI is a safe place for your child to learn about Christianity, which has had a huge impact on Australian values, language and institutions.

Your child will be introduced to the main beliefs and stories of the Christian faith and to participate in activities that explore the day-to-day relevance of these beliefs. They will be offered an additional lens through which to view the world, themselves and others.

SRI builds children's sense of value, meaning and purpose and helps to develop their social and emotional skills.

ACCESS ministries provides SRI in schools through accredited and approved SRI Instructors.

Why not enrol your child, allowing them the opportunity to learn about the Christian faith, from a person who has a personal understanding of what they are instructing?

See for yourself why we say that SRI is good for kids.

A cost of $10 is charged for each child participating in the SRI Program.


2017 Parent Information

Sample SRI hub (Years 1-4) materials

hub materials for parent reference

Sample Foundation materials

Sample epiQ materials (Years 5-6)