2017 Whole Conference

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2017 Whole Conference

A unique opportunity for Chaplains, Community Workers and School
Wellbeing Staff to learn together from some of Australia’s best
trauma-informed practitioners and thinkers about supporting people
and communities through planning and implementing effective
pastoral responses to trauma.


Keynote speakers along with other experts and practitioners will provide further input through master classes and elective workshops in the areas of trauma, wellbeing and general chaplaincy skills.

Masterclass Options - 150 minutes

Gregg Morris

Cultural Intelligence (CQ): Creating communities of diversity, inclusion & celebration

Gregory Nicolau

The Part-time Counsellor: Developing therapeutic conversations with kids

Elective Options - 75 minutes

Dave Edgren

Picture Books & Storytelling in Chaplaincy

Chris Helm

Managing Volunteers: Multiply your impact

Dorothy Dullege

Introduction to Using Resources and Sandplay in Schools

Edwina Whiteside

Tools of the Trade (Primary)

Eva Natsis

Adolescent Spirituality: What the research shows

Grace Sharon

Resolving Conflict: Moving through the six stages of conflict

Kay Reid

Courageous Conversations guided by the Spirit of God

Naomi Swindon

Creating Culture Change: One small group at a time

Neville Evans

Tools, Strategies and Supportive Processes for Working with Children Affected by Violence

Nigel Lane

Working with Troubled Youth

Nigel Lane

Practical Skills to Build Relationships & Make Connections with Young People

Steve Listopad

Chaplaincy as Disruptive Learning