Chaplaincy Funding beyond 2018

Chaplaincy Funding beyond 2018

On Wednesday 4th May, 2016, James Merlino, State Minister for Education, released a statement advising that the Turnbull Federal Government has cut funding to School Chaplains and ‘short changed Victorian students’.

However, in response to media reports, Simon Birmingham – Federal Education Minister has responded as reported in today’s The Australian (online version) with the following:

‘Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham yesterday denied that the School Chaplaincy and Teach for Australia programs had been axed. The budget papers show the Chaplaincy Program will cease in 2017-18. Funding for Teach for Australia, which retrains professional workers as teachers, will run out in July 2018.

Senator Birmingham said funding agreements were not due to be reviewed “until the next budget cycle’’. “Any suggestion that the Government has decided to cease any of the programs is ­utterly inaccurate,’’ he said.

Although this response is encouraging from Senator Birmingham, ACCESS ministries has a full strategic plan prepared for advocating for Chaplaincy with Federal and State MPs to demonstrate the value of the program, leading up to the 2018 review. Recent research undertaken by McCrindle will be used as part of this advocacy plan.

We are responding daily to the very real needs of school communities and will continue to do so.